• Health law

    • Dret sanitari
    • Bufet Vallbé’s historically extensive client base in the health, social care and social sectors has made us a benchmark law firm in these areas, having developed a highly specialised legal department to handle all matters related to these activities.

      Our professionals work daily with health, social care and social regulations to offer continuous legal advice to the wide range of clients that we have in this field, which enables us to provide optimum and rapid resolution to the legal requirements of centres that perform this kind of activity.

    • Dret sanitari
    • The main services we offer are:

      • Legal representation in matters of liability of health and social care centres and professionals in any law courts.
      • Immediate resolution of legal enquiries relating to healthcare practice.
      • Legal advice through participation in healthcare and clinical research ethics committees.
      • Training sessions on regulations applicable to the health sector (informed consent, documents and clinical history, advance directives, data protection, etc.).
      • Studies on management formulas and health organisation.
      • Drafting of reports and legal opinions on complex issues. 
    • Dret sanitari
    • Bufet Vallbé offers comprehensive advice to entities, companies and organisations from the health, social care and social sector. This is made possible by being able to offer an up-to-date perspective on the issues that arise in these areas, based on our profound knowledge of the procedures and agents involved.

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