• Civil and commercial law

    • Dret mercantil
    • Bufet Vallbé has a private law department consisting of professionals that specialise in civil and commercial law. In these matters, we offer comprehensive advice on all types of transactions and contracts, in addition to representation in all kinds of legal proceedings.

      In this area, we can offer additional experience through our knowledge of the public enterprise sector and the way it operates in the market and in collaboration with other public or private entities. 

    • Dret mercantil
    • The main services we offer are:

      • Procurement: drafting and revising of contracts, contractual and extra-contractual liability.
      • Property law: property transaction planning, advice and negotiation.
      • Professional liability: extensive experience in representing professionals from the health, social care, social and educational sectors.
      • Inheritance law: probate study and advice, inheritance and legitimate claims, extrajudicial negotiations and mediation.
      • Personal law: judicial proceedings and actions in relation to disabled and supervised individuals.
    • Dret mercantil
      • Commercial and corporate law: legal advice for companies and government bodies, corporate transactions, drafting and revising of all types of documents and contracts. Fiscal study of corporate and contractual transactions.
      • Bankruptcy proceedings.
      • Foundation law: specialised advice for entities adopting this legal personality.
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